Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Church Kickball

Nearly two weeks ago, it was decided that we would play a game of kickball after our church potluck. Now, I haven't played Kickball since the last day of middle school so it's been a refreshing course for me to experience the game again. Needless to say, I've gotten stronger since then, and we all enjoyed a friendly kickball competition at the old school park.

The younger boys were doing pull-ups like pros. I managed to do at least three before letting go of the bar. Obviously I need a pull-up bar of my own to practice on. ;)
Organizing teams and getting ready to start!

Now this pictures is famous because the guy in the purple shirt actually broke his foot while catching the ball. He didn't find that out though until two weeks later. Ouch!

After the game we all celebrated by having root beer floats. Yum-o!
At the end of the day, it was a well-played game and everyone enjoyed it. I think church families should at least once a month do these sorts of things. It creates memories that will last a lifetime, especially to the younger generation. :)

What does your church family do for fun?

Monday, August 11, 2014

~Peter Pan~ {The Play}

Last month my siblings, Ali and Caleb, were in a play with their friends in a nearby theater. My brother was the Crocodile (which everyone in my family thought the part fit him well), and my sister was Mrs. Darling.

 Even though their parts were small, they still had a good time putting together the show. One of the things that was different in the play was that the main character, Peter Pan, was played by a girl (which is similar to this version). Nonetheless I thought the play was good and that the people enjoyed it

 Even though the lighting during the play was terrible for taking photos it's the whole picture that counts, right? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Love the decorations they put up for the play. <3

I spy with my little eye.....TINKERBELL!

The Cast:
Christa as Peter Pan
Tanner as John Darling

Group rally before the show started.

Mariah as Wendy

My sister Ali as Mrs. Darling

The Darling Family

Peter Pan enters the room.

Flying to Neverland!

Captain Hook and his crew of pirates.

Here comes the Croc!

Wendy is shot down by the Lost Boys.

A fight with the pirates.


During the play, there was break and some of us had refreshments before the second part of the show started. 

The book that started it all. 

Such a classic scene.

The part where the Darlings and the Lost Boys are captured by the Pirates. 

Captain Hooks gives his speech.

The dual between Hook and Peter Pan.

Peter Pan is victorious!

The Captain ends up with the Croc.

Mrs. Darling weeps that her children are gone over the piano, as Peter Pan and TinkerBell watch over her. 

Mrs. Darling in the room with her children, feeling that they're not there until they actually spoke up and surprise her. 

The cast of characters singing a song as the Croc does the moonwalk.

Peter Pan and Wendy forever!

The whole cast of characters.

The applause from the crowd.

The three ladies ^. 

 Overall, it was a pleasant experience to watch them perform and I daresay that they (Peter Pan especially) were excellent actors and actresses. Maybe when the next play comes around I'll play a part but we shall see. ;)